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Our Founders
Dr. Louis and Melissa McBurney
Melissa McBurney is a co-founder and a Marble Fellow. She adds to this her experiences as an author, conference speaker, homemaker, and mother of three adult children (Bruce, Andrea, and Brent) and a delighted grandmother! She adds decades of Christian counseling experience to her BA from Baylor University and brings to group sessions her valuable insights, rich female perception and deeply personal spiritual maturity.

The late Dr. Louis McBurney, co-founder and Marble Fellow, received his BA and MS degrees from Baylor and his MD from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston where he was named Outstanding Student in Psychiatry. He was chosen the Outstanding Intern in Internal Medicine at Houston's Methodist Hospital. After three years as a General Medical Officer in the Navy, Dr. McBurney completed his psychiatric specialty training at the Mayo Clinic. There he was chosen by the Mayo Psychiatric Section and the American Psychiatric Association for a Faulk Fellowship.

While at Mayo, Louis and Melissa became aware of the pressures felt by those in Christian ministry. From that awareness grew a conviction of God's call to establish a Christian counseling center for clergy and their spouses. After a year of further training in London, they ventured out to the Colorado Rockies to answer that call. In February 1974, the first group was held and, over time, Marble Retreat became a reality.

Dr. McBurney was certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN). He wrote numerous articles and books including: Christian Sex Rules: A guide to what's allowed in the bedroom, Every Pastor Needs A Pastor, Counseling Christian Workers, and Real Questions, Real Answers About Sex (Zondervan Book Publishers).

On January 20, 2009 Louis McBurney quite suddenly and shockingly succumbed to head injuries he’d unknowingly suffered approximately two months earlier, the result of a fall he suffered while descending his garage attic ladder.